Learn to Resolve Conflict Through Communcation

We have all experienced conflict both in work environments and at home. Rather than dealing with these conflicts, we usually let them overpower us and hurt our connections. Have you ever thought that there were things you could do to make yourself a better person to communicate with?

By being open to change and resolving conflict, you can change your attitude and succeed in many aspects of your life.

Rachelle Lamb, someone who specializes in conflict resolutions, believes that there are may steps we as individuals can take to reduce conflict through conversations and have more productive communications. Everyone wants to feed needed and heard whether they are a leader or a contributor. She says by checking-in, taking turns, pausing, and speaking honestly and mindfully, you can focus on the needs of the conversation. By doing this you can embrace the conflict, ask for something and track your needs, and making solutions with team commitments which will result in a better conversation that is worth celebrating. These powerful methods can impact every aspect of your life.

Rachelle Lamb is presenting “Breakthrough Conversations” at Hollyhock, Cortes Island on May 23-28th.

During this workshop you will explore a revolutionary approach to resolving conflict and establishing rapport. You will learn a powerful way of communicating that is deeply satisfying, life honouring, and creatively liberating, by breaking through your limiting thought and speech patterns that have been previously established.

This workshop is designed for anyone willing to do the work to significantly enhance and transform personal and professional relations for the better. Especially relevant for leaders, managers, parents, couples, educators, counselors, mediators, as well as those interested in personal development and social change.

Rachelle Lamb is a speaker, writer, spiritual activist, and relationship whisperer. Some of her interests include human development, relationship dynamics, and the roles that culture and ecology play in people’s lives. She has the ability to skillfully pave the way for transformational dialogues between individuals.

“Engaging, dynamic, transformational, liberating … a must attend!” – past participant

Check out Rachelle on YouTube.

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