Leadership in the Clean Money Revolution

By Joel Solomon who will be presenting Accelerate Your Enterprise at Hollyhock June 2017.

The key to success in life is an “examined self”. That means gaining an understanding of what makes us who we are,and exploring elements of uncertainty, doubt, over-confidence, anxiety,  and our emotional make up. This work is lifelong.

Hollyhock gave me the doorway to begin this journey in a more intentional way. “What makes me who I am?” “What do I believe about spirituality?” “Why do I react to others the way I do?” “What are my emotional secrets?” “What is honesty?”

It’s incumbent on each of us to find our own pathway. Below is an excerpt from my newly released book,  Clean Money Revolution:

Leadership is the underlying theme of the Hollyhock mission, pedagogy, and long-term offering to people and planet. Hollyhock’s lifelong leadership work starts by addressing what has made us who we are. Then it offers the teachers, tools, peer support, and empowerment needed to increase skills. The programs there are multifaceted and holistic, adapted to our roles as leaders in all walks of life.

What is leadership? Leaders are strong stewards of what matters most. Family, community, organizations, businesses, public service all benefit from effective leadership. Leaders are wise contributors and collaborative directors. Leadership underpins all the roles in which we seek to create a world that is fair, fulfilling, and resilient.

There are so many qualities of good leadership: the ability to guide, motivate, and inspire; willingness to empower and share opportunity; authentic devotion to best outcomes for others; empathy; and modeling emotional and spiritual maturity.

Without inner work, leadership is impaired and can become toxic. Poor leadership is self-centered, reactive, and short-sighted. It can cause lasting damage to people, organizations, and entire cultures.

Learning inner skills should be compulsory for investors, entrepreneurs, managers of public budgets – and, most of all, for those who own massive wealth. In the clean money revolution, we need honest self-assessment of our skills and abilities. We must continually improve and seek help where we need it. Those who handle large sums of money are stewards with monunmental responsibilities. As money exchanges hands, transactions hurtle money across the planet. Too often blood is spilled with, around, and for the power to hold that money. Pull out a piece of currency and you might not be able to see the blood stains on it – but behind it, can you feel the exhaustion, the fear for one’s children, the drudgery of long days of hard labour?

For high net worth individuals wanting to invest in change, I offer a note of caution. Owning money does not confer effectiveness at investing, managing or leading. Wealth increases options but is no guarantee of financial or other specific skills. Those have to be learned separately. Inheriting wealth can be like being handed the keys to a space rocket when you’ve only ever learned to ride a bicycle. Imagine giving a twelve-year-old the keys to a Ferrari. What’s going to happen? Disaster. And the harm won’t just be to the inexperienced driver. Many innocent bystanders may suffer.

Assess your true skills carefully. Be humble. There is a lot to learn.

Joel SolomonJoel Solomon is the author of Clean Money Revolution, Chairman of Renewal Funds, and Board Chair of Hollyhock. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, board member and advisor to hundreds of for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprises.  Part memoir, part insider’s guide, and part manifesto for a bright new future, The Clean Money Revolution opens the door on the greatest economic opportunity in history — the massive global shift that will yield incredible wealth as it seeks to regenerate the world and restore social equity.

Join Joel at Hollyhock for Accelerate Your Enterprise on June 16-19, 2017!

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