iPhone Photography

By Dr. Cliff Oliver

Do you take iPhone images of your friends, family and special life events? Or do you take images of nature and the environment?

Either way, photos that are more compelling and riveting will help you tell a more meaningful story.

Images straight out of the iPhone have some challenges. They often lack sharpness, clarity, saturation, contrast and balance.

In the iPhone photography course on June 24-29th, we will create images and apply powerful yet simple edits to make them more memorable. We will immerse in the unique beauty of Hollyhock and Cortes Island to discover, compose and share our personal visions.

The following photo is a typical casual capture:ip

This next image is after editing:


Here is an image while flying up to Hollyhock in a float plane:

ip3And following an edit where I decided black and white was more compelling:


Before photo of the beautiful hot tubs at Hollyhock:


After editing:


And of course the fabulous Hollyhock gardens:


And the kitchen area in the main lodge:


Enjoy and Happy photo taking!

 Dr. Cliff OliverDr. Cliff Oliver is an award-winning photographer, former photography instructor for the San Diego Natural History Museum, cutting-edge integrative health care professional and international workshop leader.

Join Cliff at Hollyhock for iPhone Photography on June 24-28, 2016.

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