Join us this Summer for Founders + Friends

Dive into the remarkable beauty of Cortes Island as we gather Hollyhock Founders + Friends in celebration of our 35 year history of inspiring and training change makers.

What really touched my soul was the people. I had the unique honor of hearing and feeling the powerful words of the founders and friends and leaders of Hollyhock, who spoke to me in poetry and story about the creation of this powerful vortex on our planet of the mission of this convening space, and of the gift that it is for us all to be partners in supporting it. Thank you Hollyhock founders for opening my heart and mind and for the opportunity to be a part of supporting your vitality for the renewal of us all.

– Joshua S. Fouts, Executive Director, Bioneers, Founders + Friends 2016 Attendee

With free registration*, this four-day event will include**:

Day 1, Friday August 18: Arrival welcome night and connection circle.

Day 2, Saturday Aug 19: Our Hollyhock story, celebration of our 35 year history, the state of our organization and mission alignment, next generation conversation space, and Fundraising Soiree by the water, under the stars.

Day 3, Sunday  Aug 20: The future of Hollyhock lawn session, and delicious oyster BBQ.

Day 4, Monday Aug 21: Departure day and farewell.

We welcome you to book additional nights and extend your summer holiday.

Imagine prime summertime near the end of the road on the west coast of the continent, with swimmable aquarium like ocean waters and the divine fresh water lake swimming near by. Walk the powerful coastal temperate rainforest ecology of Cortes Island. If you’ve been, you know. If not, you are in for a lifetime experience treasure for you and your family. Children never want to leave!

Our family has made Founders + Friends a part of our yearly summer schedule. We love the natural beauty of Cortes Island, engaging with the always-inspirational community that gathers at this event, and contributing to the future of Hollyhock; a place that has deeply nourished us both professionally and personally.
– Chloe Gow-Jarrett, 3Fold Partners, Founders + Friends Attendee

Please call 1 800 933 6339 or CLICK HERE now to book your onsite room, meal package, bodywork and sea outings. Best rooms book early!

Join us for Founders + Friends!

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*Please note all inclusive accommodations and meals will be charged separately.

** Schedule is subject to change.

Feature Image: Amanda McNaughton

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