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By Cristi Christensen, who will be presenting Chakra Yoga at Hollyhock on July 12-16, 2017.

As of late I’ve been asked…
“How can I get more clear on what I want and really define my dream or next step?”

So, today i will share with you a simple practice to help you lift the veil and begin to find that clarity of vision you may be seeking!

Step 1: Start

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something” – Seth Godin

Bring yourself into a ritual space by first burning a little sage or incense and lighting a candle. Sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep slow breaths. Then ask yourself what would I do if money was no object and I had all the time in the world? Pause, slow down and listen to what arises. Spend some time here to connect to the yearning in your heart. Give space for the dream to start to crystallize.

Step 2: Write it Down

Write down what came to mind, no matter how big, crazy or lavish it might have been or how small. In the space of pure potentiality there are no limits and no judgments! Use positive affirming language and write everything down in the present tense as it is already happening. Get descriptive. Use your creative impulse and see this dream starting to come to life.

Step 3: Create a Movie

Start by reading the story you wrote. Then close your eyes and look out into the space known as Chit Akasha. This is that black space or void where you will play your movie on the screen in your consciousness. Start to visualize your dream and get all your senses involved. See the sights, the players involved, even smell the smells. If you can’t actually see anything that is ok just continue to think about and imagine the movie in your mind.

Step 4: Feel into your Body’s Response

As you read and watch your story play out, how do you feel? What responses in your body has this story elicited? Do you feel excitement, fear, joy, stress? Really feel into your body as there is so much information waiting to be discovered there, if we tune in. Feel into your heart, your belly (your seed of intuition). How does the seed of this vision/dream feel to you?

Step 5: REFLECT, Fine tune, or Start over

Sometimes after going through this process you may feel that something is off or not in your highest alignment. If that is true for you, simply begin again. You may discover what you think you want is actually not what you want after all! And other times fear, insecurity, or doubt will creep in and try to convince you to abort your dream all together! Do all you can to be honest about what is really happening. Go back to the previous step and feel back into your body. Fear is a limiting factor, and it’s present in all of us. Trust in yourself, take a deep calming breath, and say hello to any fear that resides in your system and begin to ground it through your exhales. Feel it again and trust that you know the difference between truth and fear.


What is one small actionable step you can take today and do everyday to start bringing your dream to life? Create a small attainable goal that will help you gain momentum and confidence. If you want to write a book or become a singer, start by writing or singing 5 minutes a day no matter what. Then build from there! If you are still unclear commit to sitting for 5 minutes everyday (no matter what) in that space of infinite possibility and silence until your dream arises! Once you take committed action in the direction of your dreams the universe will conspire on your behalf to make all things possible!

As I get ready to take off for my next teaching tour, I am reminded of my dream to share my heart and love for yoga and dance with the world.

My aim is to inspire others to get connected with their body, heart, and soul and to really live their fullest potential. As I inspire others.. they inspire me to continue on this beautiful journey.

Cristi will be presenting Chakra Yoga at Hollyhock on July 12-16, 2017.

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Cristi ChristensenA former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, Cristi Christensen trained with the US Olympic diving team as a young adult. After an injury cut her Olympic dreams short, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others improve their level of fitness through personal training, Pilates, Core Fusion, and yoga. After earning her degree in Kinesiology, Cristi studied extensively for over 10 years with world-renowned teachers including Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn and Sianna Sherman.

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