Chloë Goodchild Returning to Hollyhock – 2016!

We are excited to welcome Chloë Goodchild back to Hollyhock in 2016! 

Chloë has a new book recently published “The Naked Voice- Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound.” Be sure to check it out!

Chloë Goodchild is an international singer and innovatory educator. She is the founder of The Naked Voice (1990) and its UK Charitable Foundation (2004), dedicated to the transforming practice of  self-awareness and conscious communication skills, through spoken and sung voice. Deafness in childhood catalysed Chloë’s discovery of inner sound and silence. This deep encounter with her inner self, catalysed a life time’s experiential research of the voice as one of humanity’s most untapped resources for personal and global evolution and transformation.

Chloë studied Music, English and Education at Cambridge and Norwich universities (1972 – 76) where she graduated as a Music-English teacher with a B.Ed Hons degree. From the late 70’s she evolved her own East-West vocal research, influenced by travels through Africa, India, Turkey, Europe, USA and Canada. Chloë’s encounters there with indigenous wisdom teachers, spiritual and classical Indian music masters, ultimately led to a transformative ‘no-mind’ experience in Northern India, inspired by the great luminary and saint, Anandamayi (1896-1982)  This gave birth to the unique method of sound and voice, which Chloë eventually named, The Naked Voice in 1990. Her autobiography, The Naked Voice – Journey to the Spirit of Sound tells the story of these formative early years. (Originally Rider Books 1993; Amazon)

Chloë works internationally, demonstrating  the power of sound and voice to transform the ways in which we listen to ourselves and each other. Chloë awakens the listeners’ heart with recurring melodies, world chant, anthems, love songs and poetry, interweaving them with her wild stories and much laughter. Chloë empowers her audiences to discover their own voices, in spontaneous ways, which build , expand and flow in a choral fashion, ultimately creating a unified field of awareness, or Singing Field, catalysed by the shared sound. A depth of silence is often accessed from this Singing Field experience, which accesses a new and all-inclusive ground of listening that is unassailable, open-hearted, and free. Chloë and her trained Facilitator teams are evolving these Singing Fields, in Ireland, England and Scotland.


More on Chloë and The Naked Voice, for your viewing pleasure…

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