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5 writing prompts and 10 steps toward book editing & book completion

By Albert Flynn DeSilver, who will be presenting Writing As a Path to Awakening in Vancouver on Oct 1-2, 2016

Writing in general, let alone a book, is a huge commitment. . .it takes inspiration, dedication, practice, and devotion. Below are a few ways to begin generating ideas and continuing along the journey.


1. Write about a time you made a scene in public, or at the very least over the phone, where you raised your voice, screamed, called someone names, or otherwise behaved inappropriately or obnoxiously in public.

2. Write about a time you were under or over dressed for the occasion. Describe the costume, the scene and situation, be as specific as possible. Continue reading 5 writing prompts and 10 steps toward book editing & book completion

Writing Through the Fire

By Mirabai Starr, who will be presenting Writing Your Story of Loss & Transformation in Vancouver on Nov 4-6, 2016.

At the end of October 2001, on the day my first book came out – a translation of Dark Night of the Soul by the sixteenth century mystic, John of the Cross – my fourteen-year-old daughter Jenny was killed in a car crash. Although I had been on a dedicated spiritual path nearly all my life, nothing could have prepared me for the descent into the transformational fire of grief.

Spiritual practices were for ordinary times. This was cataclysmic, and nothing less than radical truth would satisfy my anguished soul.

All the tricks I had learned on the path – which I had innocently thought of as methods – failed me. Meditation, chanting, reading sacred scriptures – they were not only inadequate for addressing my brokenness but they struck me as wholly inappropriate. Spiritual practices were for ordinary times. This was cataclysmic, and nothing less than radical truth would satisfy my anguished soul. The most radical truth I could identify was that there are no answers for the Great Mystery. All I could do as loss swept through the landscape of my heart was to sit in the fire of unknowing and allow it to burn.
And write. Write through the pain, write through the mystery, write through every one of the so-called stages of grief: denial (my child can’t really be dead); anger (it must be somebody’s fault); bargaining (if only); depression (I surrender to my sorrow); and acceptance (this is what happened, and now I must integrate it into the tapestry of my life). Continue reading Writing Through the Fire

Giving Up All Hope

By Jude Bijou, who will be presenting Attitude Reconstruction: Build Joy, Love, and Peace in Vancouver on Oct 22-23, 2016.
Feature Photo Credit: Circle of Docs

If you’re waiting for a change and frustrated it’s not happening, maybe it would be beneficial to give up all hope! Sounds strange?

“Hope” is a double-edged word. Hope in its best sense is something that keeps you going in difficult times. It can keep you heading to your heartfelt goals and dreams. Hope can keep you from feeling despair. Positive hope focuses on the good, sending good wishes and positive energy on to others, such as, “I hope for world peace.” Or “I hope you have a good trip.”

But “hope” can also be something that keeps you stuck in a no-win, less than satisfying situation or relationship. You remain attached to the potential instead of accepting that it is unlikely to change. In a negative sense, it keeps you from gaining clarity and moving forward in your life. Hope can also keep you in agony, feeling discouraged, hopeless, and angry. You are not accepting the reality that no matter how much you want something to be different, it isn’t. It’s out of your control.

Continue reading Giving Up All Hope

The Sounds in Silence: How Horses Help Humans Become Their Own Masterpiece

By Sandra Wallin, director of Chiron’s Way Centre. Sandra will be co-presenting Horse Wisdom in Vancouver on Sept 17, 2017.

Horses have inspired artists throughout the ages and in turn, those of us who look upon their art are captivated by the beauty and majesty of the horse. The cave drawings in Lascaux, Leonardo’s sculptures, and the finger paintings that adorn kindergarten classrooms, created by little girls who dream of being a horse.

What I want to share however, is a new way of looking at horses, through stories that pay homage to the master artist in each horse.  Instead of the painted, they are now the painters, transforming the at times tattered canvas of the human spirit into glowing masterpieces, alive with the colours of love, compassion and joy.

The Sounds In Silence:

My first story begins wrapped in the grey mist of a wet, west coast day.  It was drizzling and overcast as I went out to groom the horses. Standing beside them in the shelter it seemed as though the world stood still. The clouds hovered atop our little mountain, shutting out the sounds from far away, creating a quiet symphony of the little sounds that often go unnoticed … the drips falling from leaf to leaf, the wonderful sound of horses chewing, my own contented sigh.

Continue reading The Sounds in Silence: How Horses Help Humans Become Their Own Masterpiece

Why Does Attraction Diminish?

By Michaela Boehm who will be presenting Yoga of Deep Intimacy in Vancouver on Sept 20 – Oct 2, 2016.

This week I gave several interviews and was asked a similar question each time: Why does attraction diminish as we are getting further into a relationship?

The answer to this question has several parts, many of which have to do with relational dynamics, logistics, and psychological considerations. But the single most important part has to do with what we call “Erotic Friction”, a translation of a Sanskrit term from my lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism.

This topic comes up often – whether it’s keeping the passion hot in an existing relationship, or understanding the dynamic of attraction that creates the spark when looking for a partner or with someone new. Continue reading Why Does Attraction Diminish?