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“Guard Your Association”

By Dai and Christie Manuel, Whole Life Fitness Manifesto.

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ – Jim Rohn

Whether you agree or disagree with one of the top self-help guru’s and motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, or not, the statement makes you think. If you’re one who has ever read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ you most likely recall Robert Kiyosaki’s experience of his two dads. Choosing to learn from the man who had what he desired has made him very successful in life.

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Three writers, three mothers

By Nancy Slonim Aronie, Hollyhock Presenter

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked writers to share stories of their moms.

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Presence Through Movement – An Interview with Kim Eng

Interview with Kim Eng, partner of Eckhart Tolle. Kim teaches her Presence Through Movement workshop worldwide.

How can movement help us be more present, and bring us more inner peace?

It’s not the actual movement that helps you be more present and bring about inner peace; it’s the quality of your attention and your awareness of the movement, which bring you into the present moment. That’s why this program is called Presence through Movement.

We’ll be working on opening, aligning and strengthening on the physical, energetic and above all spiritual, levels. I call it the embodiment of spirit.

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Interview with Tania Fierro

Tania Fierro interview April 19, 2016

We asked Tania Fierro, Hollyhock presenter of Creating Teams that Trust, what makes her program different than other leadership training at Hollyhock.

What makes your program different?

The ideas behind Creating Teams that Trust is that we can’t create social innovation and change if there isn’t inherent trust in the teams with which we work. This trust exists in the conflicts and the challenges we are experiencing together. They hold the key to the blind spots and the places where growth needs to happen. We will learn to trust these areas of tension, trust the areas of not knowing, and even trust the insecurities and the stress. That is the prime material that we need to then use a technology that we will propose called “The Work.”

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Garden Beyond Gardens: Nature’s Beacons of Healing

Hollyhock presenter Dr. Steven Aung is Clinical Professor from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. 

What is the Edmonton Chinese Garden?

Chinese Garden PathThe Edmonton Chinese Garden, located in the Louise McKinney Riverfront Park of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a 1.25-hectare landscaped garden that houses authentic Chinese architecture, sculptures and horticulture. The land on which the garden stands was generously gifted to the Chinese community by former Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith as a sign of celebration of the flourishing Chinese culture in Edmonton.

Louise McKinney Riverfront Park lies in the heart of Edmonton’s River Valley Park system, next to the downtown core. The North Saskatchewan River forms its south boundary, while Jasper Avenue and Edmonton’s Chinatown District borders the park on the north.

Since 1980, the Chinese community sought to create a garden to reflect their cultural presence in Edmonton. To maximize the use of the land, the Edmonton Chinese Garden Society was established to manage the construction and maintenance of the Edmonton Chinese Garden. To this day, the Edmonton Chinese Garden stand as an unwavering symbol of the unity between Canada and the Chinese community towards prosperity and longstanding development.

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