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A Different Sort of Hollyhock Workshop Space

A review of the Mothership Kayak Tour via Misty Isles Adventures

Hollyhock and, Misty Isles partner to offer a special Mothership Kayak Tour.  With our kayaks loaded onboard the Misty Isles, we voyage out from Hollyhock each day to explore and paddle in beautiful places. Along the way we may be able to set the sails or view wildlife which may include eagles, seals, or even porpoise or dolphins. Upon arriving at our destination for the day we will launch the kayaks and paddle off for an exploration of picturesque channels or islands before returning to Hollyhock in the evening for supper and a hot tub.

A Different Sort of Hollyhock Workshop Space: things I expected and things I didn’t on my Hollyhock Misty Isles Adventure.

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Horse Wisdom

By Oriane Lee Johnston
Feature Image Source: Sandra Wallin, Chiron’s Way
Join Sandra & Oriane Lee in Vancouver for Horse Wisdom on September 9, 2017.

I have given my friends, Hollyhock co-founders Charles Steinberg and Torkin Wakefield, an Equine Guided Learning session as an anniversary present. This morning the three of us are in a big grassy paddock on Cortes Island. Six horses are grazing with their heads down in the summer warmth. Charles asks for a reflection about the HIV treatment project he has been working with in Kampala, Uganda. “What now?” he wonders, “How can we continue to best serve what is needed, in that community and beyond?”

images-4Sid, the mature Norwegian fjord gelding, has been moving imperceptibly as he grazes, circling in a spiral toward us. When the horse is about five feet away, Charles notices Sid’s presence, falls silent, and turns to face the horse broadside.

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iPhone Photography

By Dr. Cliff Oliver

Do you take iPhone images of your friends, family and special life events? Or do you take images of nature and the environment?

Either way, photos that are more compelling and riveting will help you tell a more meaningful story.

Images straight out of the iPhone have some challenges. They often lack sharpness, clarity, saturation, contrast and balance.

In the iPhone photography course on June 24-29th, we will create images and apply powerful yet simple edits to make them more memorable. We will immerse in the unique beauty of Hollyhock and Cortes Island to discover, compose and share our personal visions.

The following photo is a typical casual capture:ip

This next image is after editing:


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Join Nature Culture at Hollyhock

Via Nature Culture, by Rob Butler. Rob is also a producer of the film “The Perfect State” (trailer below), which he will be screening during his upcoming Hollyhock program.

THE PERFECT STATE official trailer from Mike McKinlay on Vimeo.

This summer, I will be holding a workshop from June 29 to July 3 at Hollyhock on lovely Cortes Island. Hollyhock is situated at the northern end of the Salish Sea northwest of Vancouver British Columbia. I have a particular affinity to this part of the world because it is where I began my biologist career.

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Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Sonia Strobel

Via Junxion. This and other ‘Impact Bio’s’ will profile the leaders and leading thinkers who attend this year’s Social Venture Institute conferences.

Sonia Strobel’s father-in-law, Otto Strobel, has been fishing the British Columbia coast since the 1960s. He’s seen the number of independent fishing vessels like his reduced to a skeleton fleet. Sonia and her husband Shaun started Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to make it possible for Otto and a few of the hold-out independents to continue fishing.

Skipper Otto’s CSF was the first CSF in Canada, and among the first in the world. It now supports a growing number of fishing families and provides an ever-growing number of sustainable, wild, local seafood products to customers across western Canada.

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