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Inspiring social change in the wilds of BC at Hollyhock

BY CHRIS LANE via Vancouver Observer

At the north end of the Salish Sea lies Cortes Island, remote and thickly forested, with only a thousand residents. This June, close to 100 professionals will congregate there to discuss creative ways to foster social change.

They will be there for the Social Change Institute, a gathering of people working for organizations that could be for profit or non-profit, public or private. The educational conference is held at Hollyhock, a learning centre nestled in the trees that hosts a range of workshops designed to inspire ideas and connect like-minded people.

SCIThis year’s Social Change Institute features an exciting panel of keynote speakers, including Steve Katz, publisher of the hard-hitting Mother Jones magazine. Also speaking are Nathan Cullen, house leader of the official opposition in Canada’s parliament; Eriel Deranger of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations, who deals with aboriginal land and rights issues; and David Roberts, staff writer for the environmentally-oriented Grist online magazine.

Alongside the keynote addresses, the conference also features workshops, presents case studies and provides networking and collaboration opportunities for professionals seeking to learn more about advancing sustainability, social justice and economic development.

The Social Change Institute takes place from June 5 to 9, and anyone interested in attending can take a look at the conference website for more information.


Yoga while you garden!

Hilary and K Lea Do Yoga In the Garden

Yoga is a great way to counteract bending over in the garden all afternoon!

Learn Iyengar Intensive Yoga July 3-7 with K-lea Gifford on Cortes Island


Embrace the beauty of Cortes Island with dance


My relationship with Nature

“Since I was a very little, I would run to the woods behind our house to dance. I have always seen my body, myself, as an extension of nature. Throughout my life I have continuously danced in nature. I dance to understand the “wild” within me. To be shaped and supported by the wisdom, geometry, power and beauty of this world and the energy that moves it. Time and time again I receive answers more profound and true than I could have imagined. In nature I am renewed and blessed.

I believe that as we move forward, experiential wisdom will be the light into the new paradigm. We need to expand our concept of knowledge, not just controlled by the brain but knowing life in conjunction with the wisdom of the body, emotion, soul, and spirit. We are not divorced from nature. We must embrace this wider understanding, this wider knowledge, humility and respect of, and for, life.

Here is the first of a series of five videos that were inspired by the experience of dancing in nature.”

Margie Gillis is one of the few dancers in the world who has sustained a solo program for more than 35 years. As a choreographer and performer, she mesmerizes international audiences with her personal, emotional, and dramatic portrayals of human experience. In 1988 she was appointed to the Order of Canada and was awarded the Insignia of the Ordre National du Québec in 2009. In 2011 she received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

If you want to dance wildly on Cortes Island, join Margie Gillis July 7-12 for Dancing from the Inside Out.

Lessons from Nature 1 – Margie Gillis from Margie Gillis Dance on Vimeo.

Learn to cook with our very own Authors of Hollyhock Cooks Garden to Table

FROM Ripple Rock Cooks

“Our entire lives are about food … when we’re not growing it, we’re cooking it. When we’re not cooking it we’re eating it.  When we’re not eating it we’re talking about it, writing about it, and generally marvelling in the wonder of it.  It started simply enough, with a couple of foodies in a kitchen … that led to a catering business … which led to the start-up of a farm … and in the midst of all that we’re also writing a cookbook!

When we’re not growing food, raising animals, catering, teaching cooking classes, and writing cookbooks – we’re also designing websites and attending births … seriously.  We know this sounds like a bit much, but it’s ok, we just put on our super hero capes and get things done.”

Moreka Jolar is most fired up when creating good eats and motivating others to do the same. Her career has taken her from Vancouver’s artisan bakeries to busy island retreat centres. She has been a chef at Hollyhock for 15 years and co-authored the bestselling cookbook, Hollyhock Cooks and just recently, Hollyhock Garden to Table (Spring 2013). Moreka’s passion for fresh, inspired foods is as infectious as her

Heidi Scheifley‘s experience with food over the past 15 years has brought her into kitchens around the world.  She received certification as a Gourmet Natural Foods Chef at California’s Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts. Heidi has been a chef at Hollyhock and co-authored Hollyhock Garden to Table (Spring 2013). She spends her days growing food by the ocean, dreaming of goats and a wood-fired oven.

Join Moreka Jolar, and Heidi Scheifley for a tasty program; Hollyhock Cooks, Oct 18-23, 2013 on Cortes Island. 

Shh..Your Body is Speaking

Marie Manuchehri will teach you the language your body is speaking and how to respond to achieve profound and sustained health management and healing.  Discover the direct connection between your organs and your energy.  Everyone of us has the capacity to tap into our sensations and serve our body and mind what we need.  Marie’s Intuitive Health Program will Invigorate your self-healing skills with intuition for greater health and well-being.

Marie_ManuchehriMarie Manuchehri, RN, is a nationally known energy intuitive, author, Reiki master and teacher. She is also a medium with the ability to connect with those on the other side. Marie’s ability to see, feel and hear the human energy system enables her to facilitate healing on a quantum level. Marie’s radio program, The Marie Manuchehri Show…Where Energy and Medicine Meet, airs live in Seattle and online – attracting listeners from around the world. She is the author ofIntuitive Self-Healing (Sounds True 2012), along with a six CD set, How to Communicate with Your Spirit


Join Marie for her Program, Intuitive Health, on Cortes Island at Hollyhock, June 14 – 19, 2013.