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The Ripple Effect of a Gift to the Scholarship Fund

We recently reached out to past Hollyhock scholarship recipients  to share the impact of their Hollyhock Experience and to participate in our “Circle of Giving” to support future scholarship recipients. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our past recipients and the ripple effect of receiving a scholarship has had on their lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to share some of these stories with you.

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Orchard Revitalized with a little help from our friends.

Thanks to the kind stewardship of Rupert Sheldrake and donations from many friends of Hollyhock, the Hollyhock Orchard received the loving care it needed over the winter. It was cleared of brush and several old and rotten apple trees were taken down. The stumps were injected with mycelium spors. The soil was prepared with feed and healthy new saplings were planted including 2 Juliet plums, 2 liberty apples, 2 Italian plums, 2 heirloom hazelnuts and soon to be planted 2 mulberries. Tending to the Orchard will benefit future generations as it continues to flourish and nourish.

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Hello Again: Maté Family Dynamics

This article written by Daniel Maté upon reflection of his upcoming Hollyhock program in Vancouver with his dad, Gabor Maté .

In manmate1y ways, my father and I leading this “Hello Again” workshop together is a natural expression of the still-unfolding process that is our relationship. We continue to stumble, as many adult children and their parents do, over a fundamental challenge: how to know and relate to each other—and ourselves—not as intertwined characters in an epic family drama but as the two independent grown people we are now?

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Hollyhock in the Globe & Mail | Tyee Bridge

Hollyhock was recently published in the Globe and Mail. Below is the full article written by Tyee Bridge.

Cora Moret picks me up at the float plane dock in a dusty blue minivan. Moret, a former Nanaimo-based salmon biologist for the DFO, moved to Cortes Island with her husband and two young children last year. She’s now a naturalist guide for Hollyhock—a retreat and leadership centre founded here in 1983— and a part-time shuttle driver on busy arrival days.

“It’s amazing,” she says when I ask how her family is adjusting. “We love it here.” Having settled into the serenity of island life, she says spending time even in a city the size of Nanaimo is now jarring. “There’s a quiet here, and the air is so clean… I don’t know if we could ever go back.”

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Healing at Hollyhock: A Personal Story

by Hollyhock presenter Jimena Mendieta

There I was, gazing at the evening sunset. Deep within me was a cry I could not control, a very deep sadness. It felt like knives in my throat. The few tears I cried contained energy that I had repressed for years. I could only access this place and let go of my sadness because I was immersed in the beauty of Hollyhock, surrounded by divine souls, and with a new friend whom I could trust.


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