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The ripple effect of a scholarship to Hollyhock is infinite

By Penny Naldrett, Hollyhock Development Associate

We are  grateful for the inspiring stories we receive each year that reflect the ripple effect of receiving a Hollyhock scholarship. This year we reached out to past scholarship recipients who shared stories of the transformative impact the Hollyhock experience had on their life. Many shared stories of how their life, relationships and work blossomed with the skills they learned and practiced. We heard from people who returned from Hollyhock to transform their work and business strategy to prioritize social impact; and we learned how people shared their new found skills with their community. The impact of each scholarship we are able to grant continues to ripple through our community and the world.

I spent five days at Hollyhock this past September with a community of change makers unlike any other. The place itself seems to facilitate an opening of both mind and spirit — and in that treasured space, I felt a tremendous desire to connect deeply with those around me. I left Hollyhock feeling grounded, energized, supported, and ready to take on the challenge of being the change I wish to see in the world. Since my return to life in Vancouver, I’ve noticed that I am actively redirecting my contributions (both personally and professionally) such that they better align with the future I want to help create. I’m making different choices – wiser choices – more authentic choices. – Anonymous, SVI
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Celebrating 35 Years: 2017 Hollyhock Program Launch Party

Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish, and support people who are making the world better. Connect with presenters and inspiring changemakers while celebrating Hollyhock’s 35th year.

Join us to celebrate our 2017 program launch! Enjoy appy’s, beverages, presentations by a few of our 2017 presenters, and a door prize draw.

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Hang Out At Hollyhock

By Cherie Thiessen via BC Magazine

The northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia are gently rippling today, and in the background the lofty Coastal Mountains still wear a skiff of snow while overshadowing the gentler profiles of the Discovery Islands. I’m glad we have 45 minutes aboard the refit relief boat, Quadra Queeen II; time to savour the pristine, open view before arriving at Whaletown on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

We let our senses quietly expand and absorb. The day will culminate in Hollyhock’s hot tub overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Twin Islands, after three relaxing ferries and leisurely Vancouver and Cortes island drives. Oystercatchers will be calling close by our beachfront cottage and my friend, Pat Crossley, and I will fall asleep listening to the slurp of waves.


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Raising the Roof: Support Our Greenhouse!

After decades of service, the garden greenhouse is ready for retirement and replacement.

Most of you know how it feels to step into the Lodge at meal time—to smell and savour the incredible food that grows outside in the garden and the greenhouse. Will you help Hollyhock by supporting this project?

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Sneak Preview of 2017 Programs! Early Bird Discount!

Get a head start and check out some of our Cortes Island 2017 programs! Please check this page for updates as new programs are added. Dates are subject to change.

  • Register now for these programs and be guaranteed your favourite room.
  • Book before Friday, Dec 16th, 2016 and receive 10% off 2017 season rates!
  • A $395 CDN deposit is required at time of registration and you will be sent a confirmation letter in January with firm costs and dates.

TO REGISTER CALL 1.800.933.6339

Start End Presenter Program
22-Apr 26-Apr Margery Moore, Denise Williams, Jocelyn Macdougall &

Mike Rowlands


Gender, Diversity & Leadership in Technology

26-Apr 10-May Michele McDonald & Steven Smith Metta Vipassana:

Awareness As A Path to Liberation

10-May 14-May Donna Martin & Shelley Winton Whole-Hearted Embodiment
10-May 14-May Jocelan Coty Spring Cleanse: A Journey of Renewal
14-May 19-May Rachelle Lamb Nonviolent Communication:

Relating with Heart and Conscience

14-May 18-May Amy Robertson & Marlene Liddle Weaving from the Wild
19-May 24-May Chen Lizra The Power of the Cuban Spirit
19-May 24-May Shine Edgar Dreamtime Didjeridu
24-May 28-May Bill Weaver, Tracey Friesen, &

Sue Biely

Media That Matters: Story Money Impact
24-May 28-May Julian Griggs The Art & Craft of Effective Facilitation
28-May 2-Jun Kathleen Horne Expressive Arts for Body/Mind/Spirit
28-May 2-Jun Tania Fierro & Delyse Sylvester Creating Teams That Trust
28-May 2-Jun David Wagner Living Meditation
2-Jun 7-Jun Gibran Rivera Evolutionary Leadership
2-Jun 7-Jun Shaena Lambert Going Under the Words:

Creating Fiction & Memoir

7-Jun 11-Jun Hollyhock Social Change Institute
16-Jun 19-Jun Farah Nazarali & Erica Pinksy Heart in Conflict
16-Jun 19-Jun Jill Angelo Sacred Space at Home
16-Jun 19-Jun Joel Solomon Accelerate Your Enterprise
19-Jun 23-Jun Leslie Davenport Deepening Climate Advocacy
19-Jun 23-Jun Rob Selmanovic Somatic Yoga:

Movement Solutions for Pain Free Living

23-Jun 28-Jun Alina Frank & Dr. Craig Weiner Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2
23-Jun 28-Jun Jack David & Robin Robertis Creative iPhoneography
23-Jun 28-Jun Lisa Gibbons, Cathie Dunlop, &

Dayna Davis

Art, Story, Spirit
28-Jun 2-Jul Fleet Maull Mindful Leadership for Social Transformation
2-Jul 7-Jul Bill Ophoff Nature Adventures
2-Jul 7-Jul Kimo Hussey Joy of Ukulele
2-Jul 7-Jul Thomas Atum O’Kane Time of Transition
7-Jul 12-Jul Margie Gillis Dancing From the Inside Out
7-Jul 12-Jul Michael Moore Sea Kayaking Adventures aboard Misty Isles
7-Jul 12-Jul Rhiannon Singing in the Vocal River
7-Jul 12-Jul Thomas Atum O’Kane The Five Dimensions of the Mystical Heart
12-Jul 16-Jul Constance Kellough Innerbody Meditation
12-Jul 16-Jul Cristi Christensen Chakra Yoga
16-Jul 21-Jul Michael Stone & Marilyn Arsenault Running with a Meditative Mind
16-Jul 21-Jul Ann Randolph Write Your Life for the Page & the Stage
21-Jul 25-Jul Kelly Terbasket IndigenEYEZ Leadership Essentials
21-Jul 26-Jul Rick Ingrasci Hollyhock Summer Gathering
30-Jul 4-Aug David Abram Falling Awake:  The Ecology of Wonder
30-Jul 4-Aug Gordy Onayemi Ryan & Zoe Ryan Song of the Drum, Dance of Life
30-Jul 4-Aug Jill Purce Healing Family & Ancestors:

Ritual & Resonance

30-Jul 3-Aug Stephen Jenkinson Money & the Soul’s Desire
4-Aug 9-Aug Lauren Walker Art of Energy in Yoga
4-Aug 9-Aug Robert Gass & Judith Ansara Sharing the Path: For Couples
4-Aug 8-Aug Rupert Sheldrake, Merlin Sheldrake,

& Cosmo Sheldrake

Science & Spiritual Practices
4-Aug 8-Aug Stephen Jenkinson Die Wise
9-Aug 13-Aug Blake D. Bauer Unconditional Self Love
9-Aug 13-Aug Martha Peterson The Myth of Aging
9-Aug 13-Aug Shivon Robinsong Singing for Change
13-Aug 18-Aug Ann Bradney Radical Aliveness:

A Radically Alive Workshop

13-Aug 18-Aug Charles Steinberg Digital Photography: Capturing the Light
13-Aug 18-Aug Robert Gass The Art of Leadership
18-Aug 21-Aug Hollyhock Founders & Friends
18-Aug 23-Aug Bessel Van Der Kolk & Licia Sky Trauma Body & the Brain:

Restoring the Capacity for Rhythm & Play

18-Aug 23-Aug Bill Ophoff Nature Adventures
18-Aug 23-Aug Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz Continuum:

Movement, Breath, Sound & Imagery

18-Aug 23-Aug Mark Matousek Writing to Awaken:

Memoir as a Path of Transformation

23-Aug 27-Aug Ann Mortifee &

Kristen Scholfield-Sweet

Moving into the Unknown
23-Aug 27-Aug Licia Sky Songwriting, Attunement & Embodied Voice
23-Aug 27-Aug Tracy Theemes Money Mindfulness
24-Aug 27-Aug Dr. Steven Aung Aung Medical Qi Gong & Intuition
27-Aug 1-Sep Elizabeth Claire Burr & Daynaa Davis Women’s Retreat
27-Aug 1-Sep Lori Goldberg Painting Beyond the Ordinary
27-Aug 1-Sep Mark Lau & Andrea Grabovac Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training (MBCT)
1-Sep 6-Sep Heather Graham & Dale Costanzo Healing Power of Yoga & Art
1-Sep 6-Sep Michael Moore Sea Kayaking Adventures aboard Misty Isles
1-Sep 6-Sep Thomas Atum O’Kane Art of Spiritual Guidance:

A Two-Year Training Program

6-Sep 10-Sep Dan Hines Journey Toward Wholeness: A Courge & Renewal Retreat
6-Sep 10-Sep Joyce Hawkes & Helen Folsom Cell Level Healing:

Wild Awakening for Health

6-Sep 10-Sep Padma Shyam Padma Meditation:

Finding Balance and Joy!

10-Sep 13-Sep Mark Wolynn Break the Cycle of Inherited Trauma
10-Sep 13-Sep Rob Schwartz Your Soul’s Plan:

The Spiritual Meaning of Your Life

10-Sep 13-Sep Veronica Kallos Lilly &

Richard Harrison

Tuning In: The Self of the Therapist
13-Sep 17-Sep Joel Solomon, Theo Lamb,

Mike Rowlands, & Pam Chaloult

Social Venture Institute
17-Sep 22-Sep Ann Marie Chiasson Energy Healing Essentials: Exploring Vitality Healing & Increased Awareness
17-Sep 22-Sep Chloe Goodchild The Naked Voice Wisdom School:

Journey Into the Secret Heart of Sound

17-Sep 22-Sep David McEown A State of Mindfulness with Watercolours
22-Sep 27-Sep Gaye Hanson & Bev Gray Shamanic Explorations in Nature:

Spiritual Plant Connections

22-Sep 27-Sep Banafsheh Sayyad Dance of Oneness: Dance Your Passion!
22-Sep 27-Sep Ian MacKenzie, John Wolfstone, &

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Healing of Love:

Sex Partnership & the  Village

27-Sep 1-Oct Erica Ross Slow Dance
27-Sep 1-Oct Oriane Lee Johnston Your Emerging Future
1-Oct 4-Oct Mirabai Bush & Gopi Kallayil Search Inside Yourself
4-Oct 8-Oct Web of Change (Flagship) Web of Change Local
8-Oct 13-Oct Jan Zwicky Poetry & Contemplation
8-Oct 13-Oct Robert Beatty Mindfulness Meditation/Vipassana:

The Practice of Waking Up

13-Oct 18-Oct Robert Bateman Master Artists Seminar
18-Oct 22-Oct Paul Stamets Mushrooms: Wild & Mysterious

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