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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Sharon Gregson

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Having had four kids as a working mother while struggling to finish university, Sharon Gregson knows first-hand “there aren’t enough quality childcare spaces for children, fees are too high for many families, and wages of early childhood educators are below a living wage.”

Since she was a young single mom in the late 80s, Sharon Gregson has been a longstanding childcare advocate, focused on women’s and children’s rights, and the need for a high quality and affordable childcare system in Canada.

“Access to quality childcare shouldn’t be a matter of luck!”

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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

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“Here in Yellowknife, we’re over 2º warmer than we were in the 1940s. My patient population is already affected by the changing climate—the ice is more dangerous to travel on, so people fall through; caribou herds are dwindling; permafrost is heaving and making buildings less stable; and we spent the whole summer of 2014 cloaked in wildfire smoke.”

Climate change is here. And Dr. Courtney Howard’s patients are feeling the effects: “As you can imagine, change this rapid is stressful, particularly because many aboriginal people in the north still live very close to the land.  It has real effects on culture and on people’s way of life.” Continue reading Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Sonia Strobel

Via Junxion. This and other ‘Impact Bio’s’ will profile the leaders and leading thinkers who attend this year’s Social Venture Institute conferences.

Sonia Strobel’s father-in-law, Otto Strobel, has been fishing the British Columbia coast since the 1960s. He’s seen the number of independent fishing vessels like his reduced to a skeleton fleet. Sonia and her husband Shaun started Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to make it possible for Otto and a few of the hold-out independents to continue fishing.

Skipper Otto’s CSF was the first CSF in Canada, and among the first in the world. It now supports a growing number of fishing families and provides an ever-growing number of sustainable, wild, local seafood products to customers across western Canada.

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Interview with Tania Fierro

Tania Fierro interview April 19, 2016

We asked Tania Fierro, Hollyhock presenter of Creating Teams that Trust, what makes her program different than other leadership training at Hollyhock. Tania will be facilitating the program from June 1 – 5 at Hollyhock with Delyse Sylvester.

What makes your program different?

The ideas behind Creating Teams that Trust is that we can’t create social innovation and change if there isn’t inherent trust in the teams with which we work. This trust exists in the conflicts and the challenges we are experiencing together. They hold the key to the blind spots and the places where growth needs to happen. We will learn to trust these areas of tension, trust the areas of not knowing, and even trust the insecurities and the stress. That is the prime material that we need to then use a technology that we will propose called “The Work.”

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