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by Robert Genn

My daughter, Sara, and I have recently been listening closely to the music of our friend Rhiannon. The timeless old folk song, “Shenandoah,” is a particular favourite. So one beautiful evening, when my assistant Samantha and I had a few hours to spare, we set about making a short video using the song. It’s a sentimental tale about a young man who must depart from the daughter of an Indian chief. The video’s a bit self-indulgent but, as in the act of plein air painting, a sense of timelessness overcame us as we lingered together on the lonely river.

Robert_GennRobert Genn, celebrated painter and author of the phenomenal Twice Weekly Letters, is one of Canada’s most important living masters, with a career spanning over 5 decades. His writings on art comprise one of the largest bodies of writing on the subject by one author, benevolently reaching artists across the globe.

Join Robert and his daughter Sara, at Hollyhock on Cortes, for Painting: From Plein-Air to Abstraction, August 14 – 18, 2013

Mushroom Man: Mushrooms Can Save The World!

Check out a short video with Hollyhock Presenter, Paul Stamets (aka. Mushroom Man), and his insight on some of the myriad of benefits provided by fungi!

Chicago Sun-Times renowned film critic, Roger Ebert, dubs Paul in his journal as  “a hope for the planet” 

Paul_StametsPaul Stamets is founder of Fungi Perfecti, and was named by Utne Reader magazine as one of the Top Fifty visionaries in 2008. He has pioneered many innovations in the cultivation and use of edible and medicinal mushrooms. He is the author of The Mushroom CultivatorGrowing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, and Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the

Join Paul for Mushrooms Wild & Mysterious, at Hollyhock on Cortes, Oct 23 – 27, 2013.

Splitting Silence – Easter Bunny Blizard

 By Lisl Dennis

With much of the country expecting an Easter Bunny Blizzard, home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I’m topping-up the woodpile just in case. Each release of the axe brings back memories of my early wood chopping days with my brothers in rural New Jersey.

In my STORYSHARDS: Archaeology for Your Life retreat, participants’ constructive and formative childhood memories reveal how early relationships with family, friends and community establish the ground for imagination, engaged creativity, and the willingness to move forward in service within the world. In my program, the Splitting Silence video segment features how splitting wood has taught me to Move In to most things in life.

For me, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s current bestselling read LEAN IN: Women, Work, And the Will to Lead (Knopf) invites a reflection upon the distinction between Leaning In and Moving In. And how chopping wood is a Move Into It practice of coordination, constancy and focused attention. Moreover, it’s about grounding and stance – and watchfulness to insure that which merely leans, like long dead Aspen trees wavering overhead at tipping point, does not crash down on me. As in leadership, chopping wood requires momentum of mission fueled with energy for the future.

Splitting Silence filmed at Prajna Mountain Refuge, an upcountry inholding of Santa Fe’s Upaya Zen Center, is a popular video segment in STORYSHARDS: Archaeology for Your Life. It is one of many visual vignettes from around the world, tracking a narrative arc and nurturing a creatively engaging group atmosphere. My visually driven program invites conversation around participants’ personal story and intentionality for their Story Forward.

In Northern New Mexico we are apt to get an Easter Bunny Blizzard. Who knows these days; seems to be one hopping in all around the country. Barometer regardless, I’ll be up at the Prajna Refuge chopping wood, really! Soon, I’ll be filming and writing about the spring thaw and seasonal meltdown in Slipstreaming on the Rio Blanco. For now, Happy Easter whatever the weather – wherever you are!

Feel free to contact me directly with STORYSHARDS questions:

Lisl Dennis’ career as a worldwide travel and decorative arts photographer, travel writer, television host and international tour leader has garnered a rich spectrum of images, impressions and experiences from a diversity of cultures.





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Margie Gillis Dance ~ Resistance

Lessons from Nature 2 ~ Resistance

“Playing with the wind at Hollyhock is about embracing the fact that you need a certain amount of resistance and resilience in order to become healthy. So too little resistance and we become fragile and weak, too much and we break.” -Margie Gillis

Join Margie at Hollyhock for Dancing From The Inside Out, July 7 – 12.

Lessons from Nature 2 – Resistance – Margie Gillis from Margie Gillis Dance on Vimeo.