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5 Essential Tips for Pain-Free Living

By Rob Selmanovic, who will be presenting Somatic Yoga: Movement Solutions for Pain-Free Living at Hollyhock in June, 2017

So much has been written about pain, our bodies and how to tend to those achy muscles, joints and tissues. All the advice and information can become overwhelming and confusing for someone who needs relief and prefers to avoid drugs or surgery.

Still, many people continue to live in pain with conditions that persist, limiting their freedom of movement and quality of life. The tips I suggest here are simply a reminder that your precious body knows how to heal itself when it has the proper conditions.

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By Leslie Davenport, who will be presenting Deepening Climate Advocacy at Hollyhock in June, 2017.

Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.  -Samuel Beckett

Movement is life: the rhythm of our heartbeat, the ebb and flow of tides, the turning of the seasons, the cycle of our breath. Even the youngest infant expresses a range of core emotions in the language of movement. It’s a tiny dance with an arching and contracting torso, flailing arms and legs, before releasing the physical energy of delight, fear or frustration into sound. Continue reading MOVE THE EARTH

Somatic Yoga

Rob Selmanovic
Somatic Yoga: Movement Solutions
for Pain-Free Living
June 19-23, 2017



Michael Moore
Sea Kayaking Adventures Aboard Misty Isles
July 7-12
September 1-6

Afterthoughts: My Second Year as a Hollyhock Volunteer

by Katherine (Kate) Egleston

Cushioned by the wonderful memories of last summer (2014) as a Hollyhock volunteer I arrived at Hollyhock in July (2015) looking forward to another season as a volunteer. It was everything I anticipated plus much more. I felt something take root in me as I both reached out and surrendered to the magic of Cortes Island – the forest, the ocean, its inhabitants – with Hollyhock at its heart situated in a pivotal place in the lives of many including myself.  What I came to appreciate is that everyone there whether volunteers or staff or guests strives to bring their best self forward in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  This bounty of goodwill is the exception rather than the rule in the larger world where the stresses of modern life are often met with complacency and indifference. In this Hollyhock is very special and honours its mission to make the world a better place. This was perhaps the most revelatory and important part of my volunteer experience. Continue reading Afterthoughts: My Second Year as a Hollyhock Volunteer