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Inhale Wilderness… Exhale Stories.

We didn’t notice the Canada goose, just a few feet away, tucked into a granite bowl of soil rimmed with pale green lichen and bright pink wild flowers. She sat so quietly, her plump breast encircled by a fringe of downy feathers. Wary, yes, the way her head goosefollowed our delighted retreat. But resolute, born to do her best for the new life snuggled into her warmth. She must sit through all of the sun and then the moon, again and again, emanating her perfection between body and place.

Can such perfection exist for us? What shifts in our hearts when we find it? How do we find the words to express it?

Come explore Cortes Island with two nature-writing adventurers. Let wild places plump up your heart and nourish your resolve. Write. Share. Write some more.  Join author Carrie Saxifrage and poet Anne Haven McDonnell, at Hollyhock from May 22 to 27, for Inhale wilderness, exhale stories.

NeurosculptingⓇ with Lisa Wimberger

According to the Centre d’etudes ethniques des universities montrealaises,  40.4% of Canadians pray or meditate on their own weekly.  Yet many people still find meditation to be a challenging and elusive practice. Lisa Wimberger’s goal is to make meditative practices accessible and easy, while still being effective and impactful.

Lisa Wimberger has innovated modern meditation utilizing the latest research in neuroscience as an answer to bring deep healing to victims of trauma.  Based on thirty years of experience in various forms of meditation, Wimberger developed NeurosculptingⓇ as a way to heal herself from seizures where conventional medicine had failed.

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Hollyhock – Celebrating the 70s

This article by Cherie Thiessen was originally published in Inspired Senior Living Magazine, April 2016

A visit to Hollyhock begins way before we actually roll into the parking lot at the end of the road at Sutil Point on Cortes Island. Unless you fly in, and we aren’t, you’ll have three ferries to take from the Lower Mainland or two from Vancouver Island, along with a scenic island drive.

For us, the adventure begins when we leave Duncan, my friend Cherie Oke’s home, loading our overnight bags and birthday presents into the trunk and beginning the 164km trip to Campbell River, where the ferry leaves on its short trip across to Quathiaski Cove on Quadra Island. Then a 10-minute drive across Quadra to the next ferry terminal at Heriot Bay, followed by a 40-minute scenic BC Ferry trip past Quadra Island’s summer playground, Rebecca Spit, across the northern reaches of Georgia Strait, passing Read Island to port (left). The scenery is striking enough to stop our chatter cold. By now, relaxed from the passage and its nautical splendor and enjoying a late lunch on the ferry, we feel the mellowness of Hollyhock creeping in.

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Hello Again: Maté Family Dynamics

This article written by Daniel Maté upon reflection of his upcoming Hollyhock program in Vancouver with his dad, Gabor Maté .

In manmate1y ways, my father and I leading this “Hello Again” workshop together is a natural expression of the still-unfolding process that is our relationship. We continue to stumble, as many adult children and their parents do, over a fundamental challenge: how to know and relate to each other—and ourselves—not as intertwined characters in an epic family drama but as the two independent grown people we are now?

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