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Danielle holds degrees in psychology and human resources and teaching certificates in yoga and reflexology. She has been working in the self-development field for 35 years.

Increase Joy & Integrate the Shadow with AstroDharma

Content Source: Planet Dharma
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Bringing astrology together with decades of experience in mapping consciousness through Buddhist meditation has been a fruitful way for us to understand our talents, pitfalls and personal preferences. This has allowed us to adapt and learn and make more conscious choices on our way towards greater spiritual unfoldment. Buddhadharma calls this “liberation.” We call it freedom.

What will I get from learning about AstroDharma?

Since the context is Buddhadharma, the teachings of awakening or transcendence of suffering, everything we learn through astrological tools is wielded towards this dharmic end. We use astrology to better understand our self, our conditioning, our strengths and weaknesses, and potential. We leverage all of that through a dharmic lens, to get over our egocentricity and to be of better service to others and the planet. This inevitably alleviates suffering, our own as well as others, one of the fundamental “goals” of Buddhadharma.

As Westerners we tend to like to talk about ourselves and self-improvement, and it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding to sit around with people versed in astrology and read and interpret our natal chart. At our retreat center, Clear Sky, we might be talking about what’s happening with our lives over meals together and we’ll pull our natal charts out and have a look at what light it can shed. We may be looking at a situation that’s puzzling us, or exploring how to best move forward when we feel like we’re at a crossroads.

Astrology the birth of venus

The Fundamental Elements of AstroDharma

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Transforming Demons Into Allies

Six (6) Benefits of the Hero’s Journey

By Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

Content Source: Planet Dharma

Luke Skywalker, Dorothy of Kansas and Oz, Django Unchained, Harry Potter: their stories capture our attention and hearts. The downtrodden prevail, and are thus transformed into heroes. They have made the Hero’s Journey.

This journey beckons to each of us, and within the journey lie all of our dreams, dreams of freedom to become all we are meant to be. And then some.

And what does “freedom” mean, anyhow? Can I get it? How can I get it?

Though these questions ultimately drive our lives, they’re often buried under day-to-day demands. We may feel we don’t have the time, money, support or energy to pursue our dreams. After all, no one said fulfilling our dreams was easy. Continue reading Transforming Demons Into Allies

Connect to Your Emotional Body

In 1997, I became aware of my spirit guides – beings that I believe are devoted to the evolution of those of us living in human spirit.  To be human can feel like one is cut off from awareness or guidance, but spirit guides work diligently everyday to help bridge the misperception that we are alone and only guided by over thinking mind.

My three spirit guides – one male and two females – instructed me, through visual scenes and auditory explanation, on how to quiet my mind and spend time with my emotions. At the time I believed my thoughts were attached to my emotions because most of my thoughts led to feelings- lots and lots of feelings.

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Guided Meditation: How to Feel Your Human Energy System

Enjoy this short guided meditation on How to Feel Your Human Energy System.

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Marie Manuchehri Interviews Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra stops by The Marie Manuchehri Show to give us an update on his latest novel, The 13th Disciple. The second half of the show Marie does live readings on the air for callers around the country.

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