3 Tips for Taking Unique and Stunning Photos

By Dr. Charles Steinberg, who will be presenting Digital Photography Capturing the Light at Hollyhock in August.

Here are some images that Charles Steinberg took during his recent workshop, with tips for taking your own photos!

The above image is a riddle. Who or what is this?  The name of the photo is “Manson’s Lagoon Sphinx.” Does that help you sort this image out?

How does one create such a symmetrical image?   The blue is the top right corner is a clue for you.  Our class participants often find using reflections can create unusual and exciting images.  Okay, rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and you will see the shoreline reflection I saw on a very still day.

Going out on the morning row with Bill is amazing, and with sunrise gives our photographers  wonderful light and images.  You can learn how to tell your camera to underexpose significantly to get silhouettes like this, which enhances the sunrise and tells the story.

In this image we see the bold effect of completely complimentary colors, in this case neon orange and green. While the division between the two is vaguely half and half, the division is a relative diagonal which is very pleasing.  What are the white round, overlapping circles in the green? In Japanese it is called Bokeh.

Here is a recent  image from Kellen Warkentin, one of last year’s younger participants (we have the whole range from youth to seniors in the class).  I love his use of light and shadow.  The skateboarder has caught the direct sunlight and jumps out at us. The shadow of the boarder tells the whole story too.  And then the shadows of the trees tells us more of the setting.  The boarder and his shadow are two of the lines in the rule of thirds, and placing the figure jumping out of the picture (instead of into) grabs our interest . The overall flow of dark to light , back to front, pulls us further into the image.  Here is what this photographer just wrote to me:

“ Thanks again for the great workshop last year, I learned a lot and have been taking loads of pictures since.”

What could be better?

Join me for Hollyhock’s Digital Photography, Capturing the Light, this August and discover how to turn your hobby into craft.

Charles Steinberg is a published photographer who teaches in Colorado and BC. He has published several beautiful books including Hollyhock Moments and From Point and Shoot to Brilliant Photography. He is a Hollyhock co-founder whose photos are often found in the Hollyhock catalogue.

Join Charles for Digital Photography, Capturing the Light on Cortes Island, August 13-18.

Feature Image: Eily Sprungman, a 2016 participant in Digital Photography, Capturing the Light

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