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Start End Presenter Program
22-Apr 26-Apr Margery Moore, Denise Williams, Jocelyn Macdougall &

Mike Rowlands


Gender, Diversity & Leadership in Technology

26-Apr 10-May Michele McDonald & Steven Smith Metta Vipassana:

Awareness As A Path to Liberation

10-May 14-May Donna Martin & Shelley Winton Whole-Hearted Embodiment
10-May 14-May Jocelan Coty Spring Cleanse: A Journey of Renewal
14-May 19-May Rachelle Lamb Nonviolent Communication:

Relating with Heart and Conscience

14-May 18-May Amy Robertson & Marlene Liddle Weaving from the Wild
19-May 24-May Chen Lizra The Power of the Cuban Spirit
19-May 24-May Shine Edgar Dreamtime Didjeridu
24-May 28-May Bill Weaver, Tracey Friesen, &

Sue Biely

Media That Matters: Story Money Impact
24-May 28-May Julian Griggs The Art & Craft of Effective Facilitation
28-May 2-Jun Kathleen Horne Expressive Arts for Body/Mind/Spirit
28-May 2-Jun Tania Fierro & Delyse Sylvester Creating Teams That Trust
28-May 2-Jun David Wagner Living Meditation
2-Jun 7-Jun Gibran Rivera Evolutionary Leadership
2-Jun 7-Jun Shaena Lambert Going Under the Words:

Creating Fiction & Memoir

7-Jun 11-Jun Hollyhock Social Change Institute
16-Jun 19-Jun Farah Nazarali & Erica Pinksy Heart in Conflict
16-Jun 19-Jun Jill Angelo Sacred Space at Home
16-Jun 19-Jun Joel Solomon Accelerate Your Enterprise
19-Jun 23-Jun Leslie Davenport Deepening Climate Advocacy
19-Jun 23-Jun Rob Selmanovic Somatic Yoga:

Movement Solutions for Pain Free Living

23-Jun 28-Jun Alina Frank & Dr. Craig Weiner Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2
23-Jun 28-Jun Jack David & Robin Robertis Creative iPhoneography
23-Jun 28-Jun Lisa Gibbons, Cathie Dunlop, &

Dayna Davis

Art, Story, Spirit
28-Jun 2-Jul Fleet Maull Mindful Leadership for Social Transformation
2-Jul 7-Jul Bill Ophoff Nature Adventures
2-Jul 7-Jul Kimo Hussey Joy of Ukulele
2-Jul 7-Jul Thomas Atum O’Kane Time of Transition
7-Jul 12-Jul Margie Gillis Dancing From the Inside Out
7-Jul 12-Jul Michael Moore Sea Kayaking Adventures aboard Misty Isles
7-Jul 12-Jul Rhiannon Singing in the Vocal River
7-Jul 12-Jul Thomas Atum O’Kane The Five Dimensions of the Mystical Heart
12-Jul 16-Jul Constance Kellough Innerbody Meditation
12-Jul 16-Jul Cristi Christensen Chakra Yoga
16-Jul 21-Jul Michael Stone & Marilyn Arsenault Running with a Meditative Mind
16-Jul 21-Jul Ann Randolph Write Your Life for the Page & the Stage
21-Jul 25-Jul Kelly Terbasket IndigenEYEZ Leadership Essentials
21-Jul 26-Jul Rick Ingrasci Hollyhock Summer Gathering
30-Jul 4-Aug David Abram Falling Awake:  The Ecology of Wonder
30-Jul 4-Aug Gordy Onayemi Ryan & Zoe Ryan Song of the Drum, Dance of Life
30-Jul 4-Aug Jill Purce Healing Family & Ancestors:

Ritual & Resonance

30-Jul 3-Aug Stephen Jenkinson Money & the Soul’s Desire
4-Aug 9-Aug Lauren Walker Art of Energy in Yoga
4-Aug 9-Aug Robert Gass & Judith Ansara Sharing the Path: For Couples
4-Aug 8-Aug Rupert Sheldrake, Merlin Sheldrake,

& Cosmo Sheldrake

Science & Spiritual Practices
4-Aug 8-Aug Stephen Jenkinson Die Wise
9-Aug 13-Aug Blake D. Bauer Unconditional Self Love
9-Aug 13-Aug Martha Peterson The Myth of Aging
9-Aug 13-Aug Shivon Robinsong Singing for Change
13-Aug 18-Aug Ann Bradney Radical Aliveness:

A Radically Alive Workshop

13-Aug 18-Aug Charles Steinberg Digital Photography: Capturing the Light
13-Aug 18-Aug Robert Gass The Art of Leadership
18-Aug 21-Aug Hollyhock Founders & Friends
18-Aug 23-Aug Bessel Van Der Kolk & Licia Sky Trauma Body & the Brain:

Restoring the Capacity for Rhythm & Play

18-Aug 23-Aug Bill Ophoff Nature Adventures
18-Aug 23-Aug Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz Continuum:

Movement, Breath, Sound & Imagery

18-Aug 23-Aug Mark Matousek Writing to Awaken:

Memoir as a Path of Transformation

23-Aug 27-Aug Ann Mortifee &

Kristen Scholfield-Sweet

Moving into the Unknown
23-Aug 27-Aug Licia Sky Songwriting, Attunement & Embodied Voice
23-Aug 27-Aug Tracy Theemes Money Mindfulness
24-Aug 27-Aug Dr. Steven Aung Aung Medical Qi Gong & Intuition
27-Aug 1-Sep Elizabeth Claire Burr & Daynaa Davis Women’s Retreat
27-Aug 1-Sep Lori Goldberg Painting Beyond the Ordinary
27-Aug 1-Sep Mark Lau & Andrea Grabovac Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training (MBCT)
1-Sep 6-Sep Heather Graham & Dale Costanzo Healing Power of Yoga & Art
1-Sep 6-Sep Michael Moore Sea Kayaking Adventures aboard Misty Isles
1-Sep 6-Sep Thomas Atum O’Kane Art of Spiritual Guidance:

A Two-Year Training Program

6-Sep 10-Sep Dan Hines Journey Toward Wholeness: A Courge & Renewal Retreat
6-Sep 10-Sep Joyce Hawkes & Helen Folsom Cell Level Healing:

Wild Awakening for Health

6-Sep 10-Sep Padma Shyam Padma Meditation:

Finding Balance and Joy!

10-Sep 13-Sep Mark Wolynn Break the Cycle of Inherited Trauma
10-Sep 13-Sep Rob Schwartz Your Soul’s Plan:

The Spiritual Meaning of Your Life

10-Sep 13-Sep Veronica Kallos Lilly &

Richard Harrison

Tuning In: The Self of the Therapist
13-Sep 17-Sep Joel Solomon, Theo Lamb,

Mike Rowlands, & Pam Chaloult

Social Venture Institute
17-Sep 22-Sep Ann Marie Chiasson Energy Healing Essentials: Exploring Vitality Healing & Increased Awareness
17-Sep 22-Sep Chloe Goodchild The Naked Voice Wisdom School:

Journey Into the Secret Heart of Sound

17-Sep 22-Sep David McEown A State of Mindfulness with Watercolours
22-Sep 27-Sep Gaye Hanson & Bev Gray Shamanic Explorations in Nature:

Spiritual Plant Connections

22-Sep 27-Sep Banafsheh Sayyad Dance of Oneness: Dance Your Passion!
22-Sep 27-Sep Ian MacKenzie, John Wolfstone, &

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Healing of Love:

Sex Partnership & the  Village

27-Sep 1-Oct Erica Ross Slow Dance
27-Sep 1-Oct Oriane Lee Johnston Your Emerging Future
1-Oct 4-Oct Mirabai Bush & Gopi Kallayil Search Inside Yourself
4-Oct 8-Oct Web of Change (Flagship) Web of Change Local
8-Oct 13-Oct Jan Zwicky Poetry & Contemplation
8-Oct 13-Oct Robert Beatty Mindfulness Meditation/Vipassana:

The Practice of Waking Up

13-Oct 18-Oct Robert Bateman Master Artists Seminar
18-Oct 22-Oct Paul Stamets Mushrooms: Wild & Mysterious

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