Joel Solomon: The Conscientious Capitalist

By Richard Littlemore via BC Business
Feature Image by Peter Holst

While he’s best known as the money behind Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Joel Solomon has been quietly building a reputation as one of the city’s smartest financiers

The 180-degree outlook from Joel Solomon’s 10th-floor patio deck is a perfect metaphor for his complicated and sometimes controversial world view. Solomon’s condo is in Railtown, boxed between the tracks along the Vancouver harbour and some boarded-up, light-industrial spaces in what is inevitably known as Canada’s poorest neighbourhood. But the view is spectacular. Directly to the north lies the brightly lit Meccano-land of Port Metro Vancouver—strangely beautiful, especially at night. The giant cranes are constantly in motion, sweeping and dancing, loading and stacking steel containers like so many colourful blocks—all in the service of what Solomon describes as “shipping off rocks that come back as televisions.”

Look past the port and your eyes are caught by the sparkle of lights on snow, on Grouse Mountain and Cypress. And to the left, there is the twinkling lace of yet more lights on the Lions Gate Bridge. Continue reading Joel Solomon: The Conscientious Capitalist

A Different Sort of Hollyhock Workshop Space

A review of the Mothership Kayak Tour via Misty Isles Adventures

Hollyhock and, Misty Isles partner to offer a special Mothership Kayak Tour.  With our kayaks loaded onboard the Misty Isles, we voyage out from Hollyhock each day to explore and paddle in beautiful places. Along the way we may be able to set the sails or view wildlife which may include eagles, seals, or even porpoise or dolphins. Upon arriving at our destination for the day we will launch the kayaks and paddle off for an exploration of picturesque channels or islands before returning to Hollyhock in the evening for supper and a hot tub.

A Different Sort of Hollyhock Workshop Space: things I expected and things I didn’t on my Hollyhock Misty Isles Adventure.

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Putting People First – SVI Feature

Gail Mountain, co-founder of Indigo Natural Products Management, speaks about the power of putting people first- investing into employees, giving them the opportunity to contribute and grow, and remembering that people includes business owners themselves! Reflecting on a successful business that employed 20+ people, never borrowed, paid all bills on time and operated in the black from the very beginning, Gail is clear that putting people first includes taking time out as business owners to attend to personal health.
Meet more inspiring social entrepreneurs at Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock on Sept 14-18, 2016!

6 Morning Habits That Reduce Stress, So You Can Have A Happy & Productive Day

Via Bustle, by Carina Wolff
Dr. Maria Sirois is presenting The Happier Life at Hollyhock August 28-September 2, 2016.

Mornings are always a chance for a fresh start, but sometimes everything can go haywire within an hour of waking up. However, to best prevent ourselves from starting our day on the wrong foot, we can practice various morning habits that can help reduce stress. Whether you want to carve out 10 minutes before the chaos of your day begins or you have a long and vigorous day ahead of you, starting your morning off on the right foot can make all the difference of how it progresses.

A study published in the Academy of Management Journal found that when employees began their day in a good mood, they rated feeling more positively throughout the day, both about themselves and others. Continue reading 6 Morning Habits That Reduce Stress, So You Can Have A Happy & Productive Day

Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Christopher Roy

Via Junxion

“If you’re conscious at all about what’s going on in the world and the changes that are needed, it’s obvious to me that business has a tremendous role to play in the transformation to a more equitable, social and environmental world.”

That’s what gets Christopher Roy out of bed every morning. Christopher runs Marketworks, his own consulting agency that provides digital marketing for a growing number of businesses that consider societal benefits, social change and environmental sustainability to be essential parts of their business offering. His clients are the kinds of enterprises that are doing business differently, operating more in relationship with the natural world, lead by people putting social and environmental benefits ahead of profit. “That’s pretty powerful to me,” he says, with a wise twinkle in his eye.

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