Orchard Revitalized with a little help from our friends.

Thanks to the kind stewardship of Rupert Sheldrake and donations from many friends of Hollyhock, the Hollyhock Orchard received the loving care it needed over the winter. It was cleared of brush and several old and rotten apple trees were taken down. The stumps were injected with mycelium spors. The soil was prepared with feed and healthy new saplings were planted including 2 Juliet plums, 2 liberty apples, 2 Italian plums, 2 heirloom hazelnuts and soon to be planted 2 mulberries. Tending to the Orchard will benefit future generations as it continues to flourish and nourish.

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NeurosculptingⓇ with Lisa Wimberger

According to the Centre d’etudes ethniques des universities montrealaises,  40.4% of Canadians pray or meditate on their own weekly.  Yet many people still find meditation to be a challenging and elusive practice. Lisa Wimberger’s goal is to make meditative practices accessible and easy, while still being effective and impactful.

Lisa Wimberger has innovated modern meditation utilizing the latest research in neuroscience as an answer to bring deep healing to victims of trauma.  Based on thirty years of experience in various forms of meditation, Wimberger developed NeurosculptingⓇ as a way to heal herself from seizures where conventional medicine had failed.

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Fiddleheads (or Asparagus) with Brown Butter and Parsley

It is almost unimaginable that we get to eat the tender spirals of a fern’s first buds. Often compared to the asparagus of the forest floor, fiddleheads are nothing short of earthy, robust and elegant. And here they’re dressed up in nutty brown butter, fresh parsley and pine nuts. “Hunny, the forest is coming to dinner.”

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Our People: David Drysdale

David-Drysdale1If you have visited Hollyhock over the last 19 years, chances are that you would recognize this smiling face. David Drysdale, currently Special Projects Manager and Manager of the program component of Hollyhock’s Volunteer Program, became involved with Hollyhock in 1997 after coming to Cortes Island with his young son to visit friends. An evening spent dancing to the music of Babatunde Olatunji outside the Hollyhock lodge changed the course of his life, or as he puts it in his lovely Scottish brogue, “it just about blew my mind.” He fell in love with Hollyhock and soon found himself living and working here.

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Are you Yoga Confused?

Are you Yoga Confused? Systems, styles, certifications…what do they all mean?

Hatha, Kundalini, Amrit, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu and so on and so on. As you can see there are many “styles” of yoga, which can lead to many confused students. However, there are really only six systems of yoga. (Explained below) As a long- time yoga teacher and yogini, some of the questions that I hear from students are: What dyoga3o all these styles mean? Which one is “best”? Which one is for me?   What style are you “certified” in? It seems to have become trendy to be part of a “style of yoga”. I hope I can clarify some of the confusion and mixed messages. 

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