Tundra, Hunter, and Shaman

Via Sacred Hoop by Jon Turk & Jody Weber; who will be presenting Dance of the Tides on July 31-Aug 5 at Hollyhock

One evening, after I had spent an evening in a small bookstore in Massachusetts, giving a reading from my book about travels with the Koryak people of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Siberia, a woman came up to me and introduced herself as Jody. She told me that she was the artistic director for a dance company called Weber Dance and that she had liked my reading, adding that she was interested in knowing if I might consider working with them to integrate the Koryak message into the ecstasy of dance. Jody told me that she had been making dances for over twenty years, and had immediately recognised the power of my story and the importance of the Koryak people’s message. She told me that she felt she had nothing to lose by asking me, and as it turned out, I had nothing to lose by saying yes. It seemed we were destined to create together, and so we constructed a dance called ‘Synchronicity and the Sacred Space,’ where the magic of the Koryak worldview was expressed as the joyous movement of swirling bodies. Our artistic collaboration continues to generate an ongoing dialogue about the message of ‘Tundra, Hunter and Shaman.’

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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Sharon Gregson

Via Junxion

Having had four kids as a working mother while struggling to finish university, Sharon Gregson knows first-hand “there aren’t enough quality childcare spaces for children, fees are too high for many families, and wages of early childhood educators are below a living wage.”

Since she was a young single mom in the late 80s, Sharon Gregson has been a longstanding childcare advocate, focused on women’s and children’s rights, and the need for a high quality and affordable childcare system in Canada.

“Access to quality childcare shouldn’t be a matter of luck!”

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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

Content & Feature Photo Via Junxion

“Here in Yellowknife, we’re over 2º warmer than we were in the 1940s. My patient population is already affected by the changing climate—the ice is more dangerous to travel on, so people fall through; caribou herds are dwindling; permafrost is heaving and making buildings less stable; and we spent the whole summer of 2014 cloaked in wildfire smoke.”

Climate change is here. And Dr. Courtney Howard’s patients are feeling the effects: “As you can imagine, change this rapid is stressful, particularly because many aboriginal people in the north still live very close to the land.  It has real effects on culture and on people’s way of life.” Continue reading Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

Hawaiʻiʻs Fine-Feathered Art

By Herman Tachera

Of all the priceless regalia to adorn Hawaiian Royalty, none were more treasured than the brilliantly hued, meticulously crafted works of feathers known as “hulu.”

Fashioned from the carefully harvested feathers of Hawaiʻi’s native forest birds, lei hulu (feather lei) signified sacredness and were worn only by the highest ranking women of the islands.

Likewise, feathered mahiʻole (helmets) and ʻahuʻula (capes) were reserved for the highest ranking chiefs.

These feathered accouterments, as well as the feathered standards, known as kahili, were the equivalent of the gold crowns and diamond tipped scepters of European Royalty. Continue reading Hawaiʻiʻs Fine-Feathered Art

Pasta with Fried Lemons and Chili Flakes

By Rebeka Carpenter, Hollyhock’s Head Chef and Kitchen Manager

This simple midweek supper is perfect whether you are cooking for one, or for the whole family. It is easy to prepare in 30 minutes. Our Hollyhock Kitchen Team adopted this recipe from Melissa Clark, NY times newspaper.

Serve on a bed of greens or with Scallops on top, or simply as is! Very Satisfying and super yummy!

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